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What Others are Saying About Us
I have watched The Financial Fence Pty Ltd develop its methodology and education over the last five years. As a direct result of using the principles in their education programme, my business has grown 600% in the last four years under their guidance.
Graeme Weller
Managing Director, Market Intelligence Group Pty Ltd

“We have many tools but none that actually gives you a picture to show the changes from one period to another and quickly highlights the differences... I will be using this as a monthly report. It gives me a better understanding of working capital effect which... tells me in which branch we should be investing either new equipment or people... what I have seen in my branch managers is that they are looking at their businesses in a different way. They have a different approach to inventory and credit.”
Ed Manzi
State Manager, Smorgon Steel Regional Distribution

“The Financial Fence has positively impacted the regional business both in terms of the understanding of the numbers, and in terms of communication of the numbers.
...The Financial Fence provides clarity around the financial performance of their business... this clarity enhances the conversation with a branch manager when talking about the business.
The ability to have a conversation about both profit and cash flow, and agreed business ratios in a one-page report ensures the discussion remains relevant. The ability for the “Fence” to track the interdependency of profit and cash is improving decision making through greater understanding.
The Financial Fence is allowing us to use a common language and is enhancing the sharing of information at branch level.
John Costa - National Commercial Manager
Regional Distribution Smorgon Steel Distribution

As someone with a non-financial background, I have attended many "finance for non-finance people" courses over the years. None of them taught me as much as 'Where's the Money Gone?' It's use of clever analogy and clear explanations has finally given me a 'big picture' understanding of how financial statements really work."
David Brewster
(Principal, Business Simplification)

We found the financial fence model a great tool which made looking at our finances clear and easy to make sense of. It gave us a clear understanding of where our money is going, where it is at and what it will look like in the future. We wish that we knew about this tool sooner as it really is a great help.'
Scot and Lorraine Leslie
(Seminar Attendees)