Empowering Small Business Owners to Accelerate Your Business Growth
The overriding frustration we see in business owners is that they have no framework to view their business as a complete picture and therefore find it very difficult to connect what they do in the business with the financial reports they receive. As a result the money side of the business is run separately to the operations, with mixed results on implementing the vision and strategy for the business.

The Financial Fence® is a business language which allows business owners to understand the financial numbers of their business holistically because it assembles the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, and Cash Flow Statement on a single page.

This business language is imbedded in our comprehensive performance management system which provides systematic and applied learning. It provides the mechanism for business owners to fully understand the financial drivers and impacts in their business. It releases them from the frustration of being unable to get the money side of the business to work even though they know what needs to be done strategically.

Our experience suggests that to change a person’s thinking and empower them to use new skills requires time and commitment. It is not a quick fix. However, because of the on the job application of this learning, there is an acceleration of value to the business owner as the programme develops.
Empowering You in the Language of Business