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The People Behind
The Financial Fence®
Andee Sellman
Andee is the Founder and CEO of The Financial Fence Pty Ltd (formerly Five Springs International Pty Ltd) which began in October 2000.

Andee is a trusted business advisor and qualified accountant. After two decades of experience running businesses in different countries, cultures and industries, he specialises in combining financial communication with human behaviour, which assists with better personal and organisational performance.

Andee’s goal in business is to develop and implement methodology which can assist people to understand their business and personal life better and release the latent performance available to people when they truly ‘get it’.

Summary of Relevant Experience:

  • Author of the book “Where’s the Money Gone?” which has sold 10,000 copies and assisted business owners and executives to understand financial communication in a fresh way.
  • Inventor of the board game “Where’s the Money Gone?” for educating people in their personal finances.
  • He was the Chief Executive of BTR Laminates Group, a A$ 1 billion global division of BTR Plc and also Finance Director of BTR Nylex, a A$7 billion public company.
  • He was General Manager of Ingredients for Bonlac Foods, a A$700 million dairy ingredients business.

Lindsay Galt
Lindsay is the Business Development Director for The Financial Fence Pty Ltd.

Lindsay has been successfully building and growing business for over 20 years. He works with business owners and decision makers teaching strategies to increase profits and cash flow, while at the same time creating business systems and processes to reduce the high demands on their time.

One of Lindsay’s primary passions in life is helping people to grow and develop themselves and their businesses so that they access more of their God given potential and move closer to achieving the fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations.

Summary of Relevant Experience:

  • Lindsay began his career with formal qualifications in accounting and finance.
  • During the last 25 years, he has owned and grown businesses of his own, worked in senior roles in large corporations, worked for government organisations, run medium sized businesses with partners, and worked with the owners of small businesses to help them grow and expand their companies.
  • He is also passionate about using the internet as a medium for marketing and communication.
  • He is a “hands on” internet marketer and businessman with technical skills and has developed considerable expertise in this field.