Education Can Be Fun! Give the Gift of Financial Literacy to Your Family
Ever wondered why Monopoly has lost a lot of its educational value? Today, it does not imitate real life any more. No one actually pays cash to buy houses and hotels any more! What they do is take some of their savings and get loans from banks to purchase houses and hotels.

So how can adults and children learn the principles of debt and equity in a fun way? How can they find a game which more closely imitates what they will face in real life as they grow up?

Where's the Money Gone is a game which teaches the principles of debt and equity and how finance works using our unique planning tool called The Financial Fence®.

This game is a breakthrough in financial education as it is Australian invented and developed for the Australian environment.

This now includes the New Where’s The Money Gone Educational pack with: The One Sherpa wealth fast track educational DVD, PLUS the new improved version of the where’s The Money Gone Board game with fast start rules, new player profiles, a how to play the game strategy video, and how to play the game with your own personal real life financial profile. Click Here to visit our online shop now.
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