Releasing the Latent Potential of the Non Financial Executives in Large Corporations
The overriding frustration we see in many business managers is that they have no ‘contextual framework’ to view their business holistically and therefore they find it extremely difficult to connect their daily operational actions to their desired financial outcomes, and as a result often fail to implement their strategies successfully.

The Financial Fence® is a business language which allows non-financial executives and managers to understand the financial numbers of their business holistically, because it assembles the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, and Cash Flow Statement in a graphical easily understood format, all on one single page.

This business language is imbedded in our comprehensive performance management system which provides systematic and phased organizational learning. It provides the communication mechanism for people to fully understand the financial drivers and impacts in their business.

Implementing this language in an organisation will release the latent talent resident in the non finance management executives, and allow them to connect the financial outcomes to the operational actions needed to achieve their strategy.

Our experience suggests that to effect an organizational change in thinking requires all leadership and management to participate and often takes time to become embedded into the culture of the organization.
Empowering You in the Language of Business